3D printer whisperer, technical tinkerer, creative ingénieur, meddler ...or just a madman?

3D printing tech is geeky and cool- what's printed should be too.
But the tech is difficult to master at the moment - it's not much above university-basement-lab-experiment level, so not yet accessible or practical for widespread consumer use. This technology feels so 'sci-fi' that I want everyone to be able to own a little bit of geek-chic in their hands, without needing to master the technique.

That is what inspires me to design / find / adapt virtual objects and turn them from concepts into physical objects you can own.

From the very small to the absurdly-large and everything in between... they all have their technical and creative challenges! It's mesmerising to take an object designed in 3D software and watch a printer build it. I've been lucky enough to work on projects where I've had to push the technology to its extreme ... in prop building ...
See the video on Youtube

... with itty-bitty scale minatures ...

... and anything in-between, from concepts to technical fabrications for CNC machines, car parts - and even carbon fibre and polycarbonate parts for battle robots!

Feel free to email me anytime...


3D printing is like living in the Star Trek universe - but it takes hours for the replicators to make you a cup, and you have to add the Earl Grey tea yourself!

But hey, all sci-fi technology has to begin somewhere and it's exciting to be at the beginning of that technological revolution.

Thinking of dipping your toes in and getting a 3D printer?
... but they look really scary and complicated and varied and expensive? Well yes, they are all those things 😂, but you don't have to jump in blindfolded. I offer Zoom video sessions for £10p/h, taking you though the world of 3d printing: how they work, what they are capable of, how to operate and maintain them and the estmated costs involved in getting set up, all with practical demonstrations. From there I can provide advanced help to get the most out of your printer and help you become a 3D Printer Master.

Need something printing?
Got something particular in mind? I can probably print it - heck that's how the geek Buddhas were born 😛
Whether you have seen a model you like, have an idea of what you want or need help designing something from scratch, drop me a line. It doesn't hurt or cost anything to chat.

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